Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J and Mimi got into a heated exchange on Twitter after Stevie J revealed news that he had been awarded full custody of his youngest daughter. Check out Mimi’s response: RELATED: Sparks Fly at “Love & Hip Hop NYC” Premiere Party! [VIDEO] Stevie J Puts Baby Mama On Blast For […]

The bad news is, Evelyn Lozada thought it would be a cute idea to compare herself to Hurricane Sandy. The good news is, she came to her senses and deleted the tweet after realizing how insensitive her comments could be to Hurricane victims. Too bad all the blogs captured screen shots though…

Joseline stays on a love roller coaster when it comes to Stevie J. One minute she’s a ride or die chick, the next minute she’s tweeting about him being on the DL. Now, Joseline is proclaiming her single status, after announcing she’s no longer a passenger on Stevie J’s bus.

As the presidential candidates met at Hofstra University Tuesday night to answer questions from a group of self-declared undecided voters, viewers around the country came to Twitter to participate in the debate exchanges and offer their own commentary. Throughout tonight’s 90-minute #debate, 7.2 million Tweets were sent. The specific moments that generated the highest amounts […]

In a series of funny yet factual tweets, Karrine Steffans reveals the type of men she’s attracted to. Losers. The vixen and best selling author admits she’s attracted to bosses but ends up with bums. Check out more of her tweets HERE


After last night’s Reunion Show for Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, fresh intel surfaced that Karlie Redd (who refused to reveal her age) may be in her 40’s! NFL Baller, Eric Norwood (of the Carolina Panthers) tweeted that Karlie Redd’s daughter is a student at Clark Atlanta University, which means she could be anywhere between 18-22 […]

For years, there have been rumors and speculation that Diddy and Cassie were an item. Though the two have been spotted out together over the past few years, neither of them have officially confirmed their relationship. Well, Diddy recently threw Cassie an elaborate birthday party and publicly tweeted his affection for her. What do you […]

This is what Love & Hip Hop Atlanta looks like to a crew of YouTubers. Here’s their description of the video: Stevie J calls Erica a b*tch, so Lil Scrappy wants to put them paws on! Only because his mom tells him to. Mimi is tired of that b*tch, Joseline, falling in lub’ with Steebie. […]

The Jackson Family is no stranger to drama. Unfortunately, their private issues have become very public with recent photos of Janet Jackson and her brothers arguing and Paris Jackson sharing all the family’s business on twitter. Fans worldwide are appalled including Chris Brown who recently offered the Jackson Family some advice. RELATED: Fight At Jackson Family […]


According to Lil’ Scrappy, he has a good reason for asing Erica Dixon to take him off child support, he don’t want “dem folks in his business.” In response to the backlash for Love & Hip-Hop Fans, Scrappy insists that he and Erica had an “agreement” and he has every intention of taking care of […]

The Game is feeling pretty remorseful following the abrupt cancellation of his wedding. The Game has admitted that the break up was his fault and has been increasingly sensitive about people bad mouthing his ex-fiance. He took to twitter to issue a sharp warning to the critics, threatening a lawsuit. The Game also reiterated that […]

Watching TV and Twitter go hand and hand right? Our social media manager IAmGWoods has curated the best tweets from our audience and a few clever ones from himself. Read tweets from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members, the audience and more! We are looking for the best #LHHATL tweets tonight! If you see […]