Here are some of the best Twitter responses to a first look at the white-washed portrayal of MJ.

Americans woke up to the surprising outcome of the “Brexit” vote, resulting in the United Kingdom’s decision to withdraw membership from the European Union. The people of Britain voted in a referendum in which they had to decide between remaining in the EU or leaving. The country was deeply divided about the decision, but the secessionists won by […]

Finally, a car that will make even the most hardcore New Yorker get their license. Two England-based brothers constructed an adult-sized replica of a Little Tikes toy car. It actually takes gas, has headlights, mirrors and even airbags. The pair got the idea after they realized how similar the front of the Daewoo Matiz is […] since their last split back in 2013, but according to Breezy, they’ve still managed not to hate each other despite all the drama over…

A spunky and vibrant 10-year-old from the UK has inspired many with her math skills and her journey as a college freshman. Esther Okade from…

For well over a decade now, if you’re a rapper touring the United Kingdom, it’s a must that you have to do Tim Westwood’s show. He’s basically the Funkmaster Flex of the UK. So when Trinidad Jame$ took a trip across the pond he appeared on Westwood’s show, where he freestyled to Drake’s “Pound Cake.” […]

There have been quite a few notable male/female duos in hip hop, but none quite as unique as Caktuz & Gia (bka Nikki Blaze). Set to embark on their second UK tour this summer, this male/female tag team drop a free download as part of Caktuz’s #OverTheWallWeds. campaign Feb. 16th. This international ‘unoffical’ group packs […]

Rihanna’s “S&M” song was renamed by the UK’s BBC Radio 1 this weekend, without her consent! Just last week, they deemed the tune too hot for daytime, prohibiting airplay before 7 p.m. The new song title was unveiled Sunday on the UK’s Top 40 Singles chart as “Come On.” When a fan on Twitter asked […]

After announcing that no radio DJ is messing with Tim Westwood, Nicki Minaj and her bestie/hype-man SB took phone calls from all the Barbz of London. Nicki Minaj actually winds up interviewing her Barbz instead of the other way around!

Liverpool Rapper MR2Grime has been pushing his way into the US hip hop scene since early 2010 with his  EP Words. The UK lyricist has been reporting over his twitter feeds about his new video “Aint Talkin Cash”. The track is from M2G’s new mixtape due out early 2011 (TBA). Recently, there has been talk […]

Whitney Houston’s first concert in Britain in more than a decade has received mixed reviews with some fans describing it as “horrendous,” The BBC reports.