Donald Trump makes more threats via Twitter…Question- Should politicians be allowed to say things in social media that could harm the entire country?? #ReecQOTD Should Janet Jackson Be Awarded $500 Million in Divorce Settlement!?! #ReecQotd If they make a TON of đź’° MONEY should they be able to cheat??? #ReecQOTD Is it OK to date […]

97 companies including Apple (AAPL, Tech30), Facebook (FB, Tech30), Google(GOOGL, Tech30), Intel (INTC, Tech30), Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30), Netflix (NFLX, Tech30) and Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) filed a court motion Sunday night declaring that Trump's executive order on immigration "violates the immigration laws and the Constitution."


Simone Manuel made history last night as the first Black woman to win an Olympic medal in an individual swimming event. Much less gold. The race from last night proved to be even more exciting because the shine was all on Australian sisters Bronte and Cate Campbell who were poised to be the first siblings […]

Are you ready to take the challenge? Kicks USA has found 32 of the greatest sneakers of all time… But only 1 can stand at the top. Who will it be? Craft your bracket and let the games begin! Ready for some #KICKSMADNESS? Vote HERE. -Stay Fly!

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, many people are mourning, praying and comforting the individuals affected by the terrible tragedy. People all over the world lost family and friends that were slayed by a group of radical individuals. Justin Bieber is one person who lost a dear friend. The popular singer went to social […]

As two of the world’s most famous living sprinters, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt and America’s Carl Lewis should be celebrating each other, but instead they’re throwing shots at one another. Soon after winning gold in the 200 meters at the London Olympics for 100 and 200 titles at back-to-back games, Bolt said he had lost all […]