Nse Ufot; the CEO of the New Georgia Project Action Fund talks to Mo Quick about the different ways they have been forcing huge corporations; who’ve donated millions to republican’s who sponsored voting bills, to stand with the people. The NGPAF understands the impact of the dollar amount; so while we the people are spending […]


As the Dekalb County Sheriff’s office looks to hire new officers, their main concern is bringing in young black kids to groom, in order for them to grow and be able to police their own communities. The Sheriff speaks about bridging the gap between law enforcement and the black community through learning to trust and […]


Attorney Gerald Griggs, of the NAACP, encourages us to mobilize and let our voices be heard against voter bills set to pass in Georgia to suppress the black vote.


After Georgia became a Democratic State, lawmakers began to propose different voter bills to stop the African American community from allowing the laws to work for us.

A black man in Chicago named Leroy Kennedy found his face being slammed on the pavement after a confrontation with officers for "looking shocked."

Ahmaud's mother claims the men who killed her son, were actually conspiring with local law enforcement and she has filed a federal lawsuit.

Corey Lewis was transporting two young white children from his mentor-ship program headquarters, to their parents, when he was profiled by a white woman. The woman then added injury to insult when she followed them, then called to police. Listen to his story below.

Join the greater Atlanta community as we come together in an open forum to discuss touchy topics in the community with the police. This event will be hosted by Hot 107.9’s Reec and Officer Dennis of APD at Stoney’s Barber Shop in the historical Auburn Ave Area – 384 Edgewood AVE. 6pm – 8pm.

What do You think about the law that may pass that will give parents jail time or a $1000 fine, if their kids break the law?!

97 companies including Apple (AAPL, Tech30), Facebook (FB, Tech30), Google(GOOGL, Tech30), Intel (INTC, Tech30), Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30), Netflix (NFLX, Tech30) and Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) filed a court motion Sunday night declaring that Trump's executive order on immigration "violates the immigration laws and the Constitution."

Tonight! With The Recent Tragedies Of Police Brutality & My Experience With This First Hand I Decided To Use My Platform To Help The Families Of These Victims! So This Tuesday I’m Doing A Special Edition Of @maximumxposureatl Police Brutality Benefit Concert! We Will Be Having An Open Forum From 9 To 11 About What […]

Coffee Anderson, musician, took to Facebook with a very informative video on how to stay safe when getting pulled over. Stay away from all appearances of evil, and the very God of peace will satisfy you wholly.                      1 Thessalonians 5:22