YouTube has become a mecca for everything we want to learn, laugh, or get lost in. If you’ve never heard of the Alchemy Network, chances…

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram was just recently named third most used social network in the world. What are people posting? EVERYTHING! It’s safe to say, this social network is being abused. Local Atlanta Youtube creators @Dormtainment have created a video explaning how to use Instagram effectively when in the gym “working out”. Check out the […]

Must see video! This father is not playing any games with his disrespectful 15 year old daughter! If you want to read her post that set her father off, check it out: I commend him for teaching this lil heifer a lesson!

Here’s  hilarious video with 2.8 million views of brothers Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson I found about Ratchet, ghetto, hood females that always have something negative to say about other females. How many girls you know like this? I can name a few…lol! Peep the video for a GREAT LAUGH! ROTFL!

Eminem has become the first rapper to hit 1 billion views on YouTube.   The rapper is only the third artist in the website’s history to reach the milestone.

Rihanna reportedly ripped off famed celebrity photographer David LaChapelle in her video for “S&M.” A source became aware of the similarities between the works when an employee of LaChapelle’s contacted them. The source told RadarOnline, “Interns told us that fans were buzzing about the video and wanting to know if David had directed it. Then […]

As expected, Rihanna’s video for her single “S&M” has sparked quite a bit of controversy due to the song’s racy lyrics and the clip’s kinky visuals. The video has been banned in 11 countries, according to UK music magazine NME. YouTube has deemed it inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18 and requires users […]

It was only a matter of time. Rihanna’s raunchy video for “S&M” has been flagged by YouTube, after being deemed “inappropriate.” Was it the whips, chains, and ball gags? Or the skin-tight latex outfits? Or maybe it was Perez Hilton being paraded around on a leash as her sex slave? Regardless, you now have to […]

The video for the title track from Lil' Wayne's upcoming EP, I'm Not A Human Being leaked today. Check out the wild colors and general weirdness before it gets taken off of YouTube!

In recognition of <strong>World AIDS Day</strong>, singer <strong>Alicia Keys</strong> will perform a special concert <strong>tonight</strong> at the Nokia Theatre in <strong>New York's Time Square</strong>. The concert will air live on <strong>YouTube at 8 p.m</strong>.<!--more-->