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Philadelphia DJ Cosmic Kev debuted two brand new tracks by rapper Beanie Sigel tonight (November 21st) during his radio show on Power 99 FM.

“Back down Jigga/put my nuts on that n**as neck,” Sigel raps on the first, unnamed track.

While the first rap only contains one line about Jay-Z, the second track is sure to raise eye brows.

On the second track, Sigel issued another harsh freestyle aimed at Jay-Z, this time dropping a verse over Cypress Hill’s hit “How I Could Just Kill a Man” renaming the song “How I Could Kill Jigga Man.”

Sigel’s opening lines make use of Jay-Z’s signature battle song “Takeover,” which was originally a diss record to Jay-Z’s old nemesis, Nas and Mobb Deep.

“Take over/n***a the breaks over/fraud emcee/he Jay Hova/,” Sigel starts his verse. “Hey little soldier you aint ready for the rude boy/quick to pull the tool boy.”

“You aint gonna say nothing boy?” Sigel says at the end of the song taunting Jay-Z. “Damn, I thought you was the boy, boy. You aint nothing but a boy, boy boy. I aint gonna stop boy.”

The debut of the freestyle marks the end of a busy week for Sigel, who has been dissing his former ally, Jay Z, in various internet clips and interviews.

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