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Ciara is on the promo trail for her new album Basic Instincts which is in stores right now.

Her and Chelsea chatted it up about the competition between females in the industry. Ciara’s perfect press-release answer went something like this:

“I think it’s really a lot more a lot of people outside looking in. You will hear the fans try to create the whole thing about this person having drama with this person. For me, I like to live in a world of positivity and I try to stay focused in my own world. I am a competitive person and my ultimate goal is to compete against myself, make myself better each time. So that’s how I like to roll but a lot of times people around you try to create a whole little drama, you kind of got to go whatever and keep going on your own path and stay in your zone.Why worry about what’s happening on someone else’s block? In my mind, I should be focused on what’s happening on my block.”

Ciara also showered the host with sweet gifts like a box of magnums, the Jordan 13’s, and an Atlanta fitted! BTW Ciara looked amazing!

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