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Ok, so after Kanye ‘jumped out the window’ with his “G.O.O.D. Fridays” Artist-Approved-Weekly-Free-Download series, every other artist has to follow suit, right?….With Timbaland & Snoop Dogg having already begun releasing music under #TimbalandThursdays & #PuffPuffPassTuesdays,  it would seem so to us earthlings that this is the new hot marketing tool in music, but at closer investigation emerging Carolina artist, Caktuz, has been dropping new content by the ship load every Wednesday right here on The Urban Daily through our popular web series ThatsWhatsUp!

Still feeling the flames from his smokin’ hot latest video Gangstamuzik Act II, Caktuz continues to work on new indie releases through the overwhelming new label attention. “I wanted to make it official.” Cak..?13 says from a cozy recording studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn he’s called his NYC home while working on his latest project; “after I saw how effective simply branding the same thing I had been doing was for other artists, I figured, I’ve been dropping videos, web-isodes, audio, graphic art, etc. every Wed. for the past year [2010], why stop. My fans love my consistency and creativity.”

The title Over The Wall Wednesdays is said to be in relation to a new project Caktuz remains tight-lipped about until later in the year. “It’s a multi-media concept that will truly give fans and supporters a reason to want to follow, buy, or make Cak..?13 your new favorite rapper when you’re tired of listening to the radio’s favorite.” Until then Cak..?13 promises an official web page, on his site, just for the campaign where fans can follow all his Wednesday updates as well as find other exclusive material, unreleased, only mentioned in the #OverTheWallWeds tweets starting Feb 2nd 2011.

With a 2011 UK tour beginning in May and a very secretive new full length album collaboration with well-known graphic designer/marketing strategist, Fuse Green (Art Director for Rocawear, WheatBread, & Masters Of The Mix Reality Show currently on BET), Caktuz adds; “I’m always creating, so there are already vaults of unheard gems waiting to get leaked over the wall every Wednesday.”

Dubbed a “Media Dynamo” by the press (see article), Caktuz, further explains, “Something like this gives the artist their power back in a sense. To be able to make the kinda music you want without all the industry politics or restraints like time standards, and still entertain your audience directly is powerful. Not only will this help promote my new project, but I want people to be able to expect good music again. To feel something about what they’re shakin’ their ass to. As artists we can give the labels & radio they’re pounds of flesh, but this, this is for us…this is our food. Feel me?”