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Ciara is claiming that a tweet she made yesterday was taken out of context and was not an insult aimed towards Rihanna, who she previously had Twitter beef with.

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“Well, well, well……u dont say……:)” the tweet read.  Many assumed the tweet was a retort to a comment Rihanna made towards Ciara during their infamous Twitter battle in late February.  Rihanna said that Ciara couldn’t book concert gigs due to her declining popularity.

Ciara says that it’s all a misunderstanding and that she was not talking about Rihanna in that tweet.

“Well, well, well, u dont say..i didnt say any thing about any1 and a story is created,” Ciara tweeted. “There is no need for me to hide what i feel or be subliminal when it pertains to that situation. If i had anything to say i would have said it directly. i didnt realize the timing of my statement until i saw my timeline. As i told the girl, wrong direction..#stayingpositve” (Read the tweets on Twitter here: 1, 2, 3)

Yesterday, it was revealed that Rihanna’s current concert tour is experiencing sluggish ticket sales, with only 3,700 tickets being sold for an upcoming show in Boston.  The star would need to sell at least 15,000 tickets just to break even.

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