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Kerry Campbell, 34, from San Francisco is receiving backlash after her “Good Morning America” interview in which she revealed to the world that she injects her eight-year-old daughter, Britney, with Botox before the child’s beauty pageants. WTF!?

The mother is now being investigated by Bay Area child protective services after outraged citizens called the Human Services Agency to investigate the situation after watching Kerry and Britney’s interview.

Not only does Britney receive Botox before her pageants, she also receives hair waxing.

This wasn’t the first time that Kerry spoke out about giving her child Botox. In an interview for a British news outlet she demonstrated how she injects Botox into her daughter’s face, explaining that this is becoming very popular in the child pageant world.

Kerry also claims that she is a trained esthetician.

When eight-year- old Britney was asked how she felt about receiving Botox for her pageants, she told Good Morning America, “It hurt sometimes, but I get used to it.”

This is such a sad situation. This child is only eight and is already learning about things such as Botox and hair waxing. What do you think of this situation? Read more here.

UPDATE: Botox-Injecting Mom Loses Custody Of Beauty Pageant Daughter [UPDATE]


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