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Just six months into 2011 Jim Jones is making a serious bid for hip-hop’s man of the year. While his contemporaries huddle in island getaways finishing new albums,  the Dipset Capo has already released an album, starred in a TV show and been in enough drama to keep him a trending topic through 2012.  Right around the time  his latest album Capo debuted,  he’d been sued by two women for showing their chesticles in a music video, he was arrested for driving with a suspended license and walked away from a car crash that totaled his SUV.   On the heels of all this his wife Chrissy made him a hair salon topic on “Love & Hip-Hop.” No one in their right mind would plan a series of events like this but his marketing team sure got a no-look assist.

In this exclusive sit-down with TheUrbandaily he talks about Cam’ron “getting him up out of 4H”, the timing of his new album and the reality show, the legal drama and what exactly makes a “Perfect Day.”


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