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Jill Scott, our very own Poet Laureate, is back with a brand, new album named “The Light of the Sun.”

While we await each new Jill Scott musical creation with baited breath, we love and respect her acting projects as well. We were especially proud when Jill Scott won a Peabody Award for the outstanding HBO series, “The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency.” It was unanimous. We were hungry for this positive content and were looking forward to more.

As of this writing, however, there have been no new contracts signed to bring the series back and Jill Scott needs our help. Specifically, she needs us to contact the brass at HBO and let them know that we want more of Jill Scott and “The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency.” We know that write in campaigns have worked before.

Check out what Jill Scott has to say about her new album, new video and how to bring back “The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency.”

Abiola:    Ms. Jill Scott, Philly’s finest, our poet, singer, actress and all around goddess. Thank you for your art and your work.  We are really excited about your new project, “The Light of the Sun.” This is your first Warner Brothers album. Tell us about it.

Jill Scott:    “The Light of the Sun” is my fourth studio album.  It is refreshing, warm, and revealing.  There is some jazz, some funk and definitely some old school hip-hop. Some poetry, some sexiness, some vulnerability, bravado.  It is a really a journey.  The entire record is a journey, a trip.

Abiola:    It is an amazing project.  I have heard a few of the tracks: “So Blessed,” “Hear my Call,” “So in Love,” and I know that you just shot a video for “Shame.”  You talk about the sexiness, the bravado, the jazz. Is that in “Shame,” the music video?

Jill Scott:    “Shame” was a song that happened by accident, like most of the record.  I love that.  We were in the studio, a couple of friends and I and we were looking, just free styling.  You know, still called to cipher.  So, we were having a cipher.  J.R. Hudson, the executive producer, along with me, for the record was playing some old school beats.  And, “The Magnificent” beat came on and I just sang and those are the words that I sang and the guys that I was hanging out with were singing background.

You know, they are not singers, so they all joined in and started singing and they were like yeah, that is fun and I thought, yeah it is.  I got a chance to get a little aggression off.  You know, make people want to do the Kid N Play play.

Abiola:    You are taking it back! So Jill, you mean to tell me that we can still find Jill Scott, Peabody Award Winner, in a Philly Cipher?

Jill Scott:    Absolutely. I love hip-hop and I love to hear MC’s think out loud.  That is what hip-hop really is for me.  It is storytellers telling their stories out loud.  I do not have to agree or disagree. All I have to do is listen to the story, and if they give me a visual picture then that is hip-hop to me.  That is a good MC.

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Abiola:    Yes and you are an incredible storyteller and a wonderful painter.

Jill Scott:    I am taking the title MC and I am taking it.

Abiola:    MC Jill Scott.  I love it.  You are an MC in every sense.  If we take it all the way, back to when the MC was the mic controller.

Jill Scott:    That is what I am talking about.

Abiola:    Like Rakim said you drop the mic when you are finished and let it smoke.

Jill Scott:    That’s right.

Abiola:    Let’s talk now, Jill, about your project that you shot in Botswana for which you won the Peabody Award, “Number One Lady’s Detective Agency.”  What a refreshing work of art.  Is that coming back?  Is there more?

Jill Scott:    That is a hope.  It is the hope, we have been having people writing to HBO and let them know that they want to see the show again.  One of the few shows on television that did not have any real violence, sex or cursing.  It was just a family show in a great environment and what happened is that I was pregnant when I was shooting last season, first season, and I had to stop after, I think I was seven months pregnant when I came home.  I was showing too much.

Abiola:    Who should people address their letters to at HBO, Jill?  We are going to get an HBO writing campaign going to bring back “Number One Lady’s Detective Agency.”  Whom do they address it to?

Jill Scott:    Fantastic.  I have been sending letters to

Abiola:    Programming at HBO.  Okay. Done! Well thank you so much for sharing with us and we will continue to bask in “The Light of the Sun.”  We will get that HBO writing campaign going for “The Number One Ladies Detective Agency.”

Jill Scott:    You can find me on Twitter @MissJillScott and online

Abiola:    And where can they find your new album “The Light of the Sun”?

Jill Scott:    You can find “Light of the Sun” on iTunes.  You can pre-order it now.  But, it comes out officially in June, June 21st.

Abiola:    Okay, well thank you very much, sister.  You keep on shining.  Thank you so much for your light, Jill Scott .

Jill Scott:    Thank you it was a pleasure.

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