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Laurieann Gibson is on her way to becoming a household name. Although Gibson was a Fly Girl on the popular TV show In Living Color. Most of us know her as the no nonsense choreographer from Diddy’s MTV Making The Band. She has now moved on to helping Lady Gaga take over the music industry. Laurieann currently has not one but two television shows, The Dance Scene on E! and Born To Dance, which premieres on BET August 22 at 10pm.  Laurieann tells TUD ‘s Jazzy F. what separates Lady Gaga from the rest and how Diddy has prepared her for the position she is in now.

First and foremost Glory of God because I am a believer and I am grateful for what he has done but it feels like work. Its another step its time to start he work I can’t get comfortable I’m like now you gotta turn it up and show up Laurie Ann. Not to much celebrating yet.

Not only do you teach but you inspire, where does it come from?

Out of my heart. God is true and my life is a testimony. Its my heart.  My heart to serve peoples gift. I love what I do, I love seeing a star in someone. Seeing their desire and helping them, being their bridge over troubled water. Its part of the way my gift operates.

What separates Lady Gaga from the rest of the artist you have worked with?

One thing this artist does is listen and take in the information. She has been a spunge since day one. That is what separates her. She listens. As a result, the first pupil out of my official school of artist development. When I first met her she wasn’t developed into the pop artist that she is now. Everything I learned up until Gaga was teaching me how to develop my formula and strategy to building a number one act.

Where did the inspiration come from when you created the choreography for “Born This Way?”

Gaga wrote a an amazing record and I was inspired by the music. I called her up one night and said I think I got it. We need to birth a new race in a race, a race that can’t hate or judge and you will recognize them from their prosthetic. In creating the movement I used the story of a race that is constantly birthing something. The inspiration comes from God

What did you learn from Diddy after working so close with him for many years?

My brother Diddy taught me about the business; he taught me without talking.  He helped prepare me for the position that I am currently in.  I often reflect on how I saw him operate. It wasn’t in a mean way or in an aggressive way, but in a way that he came from nothing [but love?]  No one was going to take advantage of him.  What I learned is don’t sacrifice your gift for anybody. Be willing to walk away or it jeopardizes your truth or creative instinct.  Be willing to walk away because then you will get your respect; you will develop your own sense of greatness. But don’t ride the fence and don’t  risk your instinct to have a job or belong, because then you push yourself further away from your goal.

How does It feel to have not one but two TV Shows of your own and doing your own thing?

It feels amazing! It feels Victorious. I can now tell you, you can make it. I can look at people who were laughed at, others who told them they couldn’t make it. People who said they couldn’t make it, or people that are being held down as a result of other people  manipulating their gift to benefit themselves or yes, you stand in line to help someone but once that season is over, that person needs to give back to you. And if you are designed to help someone than that is amazing but if you are designed to birth something that god has for you I understand that pain your in now. Its feel like I am free and it feel like my gift can operate the way god designed it to. Its only gonna get better and we are not giving up anytime soon.

In the premiere of The Dance Scene you told Richard, no one can do what you have done for me. Why is Richard so special to you?

Those were words of truth.  My Richard Jackson is the best male dancer on this planet. Lil Richie will assassinate anybody. When I was choreographing trying to find my way. This little kid 98 pounds wet, 8 years ago never gave up on me.  When we were shooting making the band, the boys season. Know that we were sharing a room because MTV wouldn’t pay for an assistant. Every morning Richard had to wake up to me playing gospel music, yelling morning Richard rise and shine!  To be able to pick up my routine like a computer and spit it back, he is my everything.  He is working on an album now and I will be developing him.

What is it you look for when choosing a dancer?

It’s the fire and confidence.  Every choreographer has a different style and some like all their dancers to look alike and not to shine too much.  Not me; I want all the rock stars. I like to work with a dancer that was born to dance, that can’t do anything but dance, who knows how to communicate the record and deliver a feeling.

You’re pretty feisty and you have that fire in you, What is it that makes Laurieann say, I am not going to take anyone’s BS?

Because their BS is a projection.  They want to crap all over your so you won’t do what you are called to do. I’m not letting that happen to me, my crew to anybody. I am not letting them do it!

You’re like the new Debbie Allen, has she inspired you in any way?

When I saw Debbie Allen in Fame, I saw myself and that is the vision that kept me pushing.  She called me, and I still can’t breathe. There are no words for the inspiration she has given me.

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