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Karrine Steffans is moving past the stories you’ve heard about her and how she got her infamous nickname Superhead.

And instead of raunchy tell-alls about a laundry list of rappers, ball players and actors, the 33-year-old single mom says she’s past her vixen days and is moving into television.

In June, the internet was abuzz over a video where Steffans proclaimed that the “vixen does not exist” leading many to believe that her previous books were fictitious.

“The vixen doesn’t exist. You can’t tell people that because they don’t believe that. It was all fabricated. I didn’t even name my books.”

Karrine says however that people misconstrued her words and quite frankly thinks everyone who believed that is “stupid.”

“I think people are confused because people are stupid…Generally people are not that smart and in general people don’t listen and in general people don’t understand a lot of things that are said and done”

Our friends over at HipHopWired got a chance to sit down with Steffans who revealed that she’s disgusted by her “super slutty” new book, confirmed that she’s bringing her books to television and wants nothing more than to save her brand from the “vixen” persona.

HipHopWired: How are you doing personally? We’ve gotten these videos where you say you’ve lost yourself, you don’t know where you’re going. How are you fairing at the moment?

Karrine Steffans: Personally I’m good, I think it’s more of a professional issue. I guess that means more of what do I do next and how can I do something that fulfills me. I’m not willing to do something that fulfills an order from editors, publishers or anyone else. I want to do something that I’m passionate about.

HipHopWired: And what is something that you’re passionate about? We’ve seen the videos where you say you wish you could be anonymous. What is something that you would be doing right now if you weren’t famous?

Karrine Steffans: Personally I don’t think I’m famous, I don’t know why people think that. No I’m not. There are people who are famous and then there’s me. I’m not that. I live in L.A. It’s very easy to see people who are worldwide famous but no one knows me. People don’t know me. Between books I’m not on the internet 24/7, I don’t Twitter. That’s not my personality.

Publicity is part of my contract, it’s part of my job and that’s why I do that. Since these books have my face and my name, it’s part of my job. I’m a little over that at this point. I’m now moving into television, it’s much more exciting for me. I get to write. It’s what I like to do; it’s what I love to do. I get to write in a different genre, a different format.

Television is super important to me, I think in my house it’s the only thing that happens everyday. It’s at the center of my existence. I’m working in television now that way I can write and produce what I want to produce and sell it. Whoever I cast, they have to sell it.


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