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Soulja Boy is the young man who helped revolutionize getting a record deal by making Youtube videos. Producer, Mr. ColliPark discovered DeAndre Way on the video sharing site in 2007 and the rest is history. Another thing that might be history is Soulja Boy’s luxurious Atlanta bachelor pad. TMZ reported the young rapper hasn’t paid his $4,725 rent and was served with an eviction notice. He has until December 5th to pay up or he’ll be forced to find another place to live.

It’s ironic how most of the rappers who talk about how much money they have to blow or trick on random groupies are always the ones with tax issues or eviction notices stapled to their doors.

Hopefully he gets his stuff together because the streets aren’t safe for a young kid with that much jewelry. What do you think about Soulja Boy’s situation?

Spotted at Bossip.


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