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Single Ladies! It is true that alot of times he reason that we don’t have a man is because we are too independent?  Or is it that men are so scarce these days because most are in jail, play for the “other” team, or just simply lazy or unemployed? Or is it you? Hmm… It can be a combination of all things.

Kelly Rowland says that she acts too much like a man to get a man! Read below and let me know your thoughts? ~Jazzy McBee

“The desire to be in control and decide everything myself as much as possible gets in the way,” says Kelly.”The fact that I can act a little bossy has ruined quite a few dates. I choose the restaurant, I open the door myself, sometimes I’ll even pay the bill. I really have to learn to let a man be a gentleman.

“That’s probably one of the reasons why I’m single. I get in the way of myself when it comes to men.”

Luckily, Kelly – who has previously been linked to manager tim Weatherspoon – is pretty happy being single. She has also said in the past that being single doesn’t mean she doesn’t get any, er, ‘action’.

“I’m actually single but, you know, you have your little things on the side,” Kelly confessed. “There’s nobody I’m dating but I have a special friend.”

“We’re no longer in the 1950s,” Kelly also says. “At 30 I am still very young and still have a lot of time to settle down. I love to go dancing and partying, I pretend to be forever young.” (via

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