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Looks like more drama to look forward to on the next season of Basket Ball Wives,  premieres February 20th (8/9c) on Vh1. There’s no secret that Evelyn and Jennifer are now ex-BFF’s, they made that loud and clear on twitter. Evelyn went in on Jennifer calling her out on wearing those fake purple contacts, and more.  Evelyn tells why there friendship is done and why she thinks Jen is “an ugly person inside”. Check the interview below. I saw your tweets last night! First, can you tell me how long you and Jennifer have been friends?

Evelyn: We’ve been friends for about twelve years. We met in 1999, and her soon to be ex husband was playing for the Boston Celtics and my ex fiancé was playing on the same team. We ended up meeting at the games. So this friendship wasn’t just for the show?

Evelyn Lozada: No! I was in Jennifer’s wedding! You meet a lot of friends over the years, but we remained close. We went to family functions together. I was the one who got Jennifer on the show. How did the rift between you two start?

Evelyn Lozada: The relationship was a little strained prior to her doing a radio interview about Chad (Evelyn’s fiancé). It started when it was all over the web that he had proposed. My thing is this: if you were proposed to, or you were with whomever, no matter what my opinion is, I’m still going to be like ‘hey girl if you’re happy, I’m there. Let me see the ring.’ She never asked to see my ring, she NEVER congratulated me. She could have gave a sh*t. What ultimately happened that ended the relationship?

Evelyn Lozada: She did something publicly that pissed me off. I can’t say, because the season isn’t out yet, but let’s just say she did something else publicly that really pissed me off. If you go back and you search any interviews I’ve done, I don’t ever really discuss the other ladies. Once I’m done with the show, I’m done with the show. But Jennifer, she’s agreed to do every interview, she’s constantly talking, talking, talking. And that’s my issue. Last season so many radio stations wanted to talk to me. And I never talked about her. But she can’t help herself. I had loyalty towards her. But she agrees to do these things. And I was quiet until yesterday. I finally exploded. I saw an interview Jennifer did recently that said you were jealous of her friendship with NeNe Leakes. Why would she think that?

Evelyn Lozada: That’s really what threw me over the edge because Jennifer, you’re lying. We’re two months into filming and she KNOWS what the issue is. So why would you go on an interview and say my issue is with you being friends with NeNe? That’s what pissed me off. I’m cool with NeNe! Don’t make it seem like I’m hating on your friendship with other women, because I could care less! Jennifer went on vacation with a close friend of mine. I don’t care who you hang out with. I ended up calling NeNe and let her know ‘I don’t have an issue with you.’ Stop putting people into this. That baffled me. I don’t know what her angle is. Why did you take it to twitter?

Evelyn Lozada: People were hitting me up about her interview. Bloggers, everyone. And I felt like I needed to address it. And that’s when I said what I said on twitter. Why are you doing an interview when you’re lying? Do you think your friendship is repairable?

Evelyn Lozada: No. My friendship with her is done. I was having issues with Royce (another co-star) because I was backing her [Jennifer] up! I was sitting back and I was thinking how could I have been friends with this person who turned out to be so ugly inside. Do you think the show changed her?

Evelyn Lozada: Everyone knows Jennifer is bougie. Her mixed with a little bit of fame can really turn people off. She thinks she’s bigger than life right now. Clear this up. Does Jennifer actually wear colored contacts?

Evelyn Lozada: Jennifer will only take those things out when she goes to sleep. In ten years I have rarely seen her without contacts [Laughs].

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