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In an effort to educate students about the dangers and effects of bullying, the Hot 107.9 family along with local celebrities, community leaders and school officials host the Bullying Is Not Hot School Tour at various schools around Georgia.

These events highlight the recent trend of bullying as well as what each school can do, or is doing, to curb this negative movement at their respective institutions. With this “open forum” style event, each participant shares their individual stories and/or expertise and students are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

This event is a collective effort by the Hot 107.9 and the Atlanta community to encourage students to be less indifferent and more empathetic towards their peers. The Bullying Is Not Hot School Tour will show the effects that bullying has had on students, their peers, the school and the community. We hope that at the conclusion of each event students leave educated, entertained and most importantly empowered to spread the word that Bullying Is Not Hot in their school or in their community!

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