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In an interview with ESPN’s Page 2, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada says it wasn’t hard for her to get used to dating an NFL player despite her past life as the former fiance of ex-NBA star Antoine Walker . She explained: “I don’t really think there’s much of a difference other than his season is way shorter than basketball. And they have curfews. And we can’t stay at the same hotels. Oh, and we’re freezing sitting outside!”

Though she’s moved past dating a pro basketball star, she’s still using those experiences to write the first of three books under her new lit and film deal with Cash Money Content. On the new venture, Evelyn said, “The first book is called The Inner Circle, and it’s primarily based on my life, friends that have been in the limelight and have been married and engaged and girlfriend of players. It’s a lot of these stories in these books, but obviously with fictitious names. You would never know what situation was Evelyn’s situation. A lot of it is real, true stories.”


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