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Earlier reports stated that former husband Bobby Brown was unwanted at Whitney’s funeral. However Bobby said that was false and did arrive to the funeral as planned. However Bobby misunderstood or flat out did not care about how many invites he had.

Just 20 minutes after Bobby arrived you can see him depart with his nine person entourage after getting into an argument with family members at the funeral.  Bobby walked up and touched the casket then walked to the back of the church. Allegedly he had a seat up near his daughter but the rest of his entourage would have to make other arrangements. Along Bobby’s side was also his son Landon and other friends and family members.  Reports are saying the family did not want Brown to even attend the funeral siting he was one of the main reasons Whitney had her untimely passing.  However after Rev. Al Sharpton stepped in and tried to calm the situation down Bobby was frustrated and departed the church (as seen in video below caught by TMZ).  And before stepping back in the church Rev. Al tweeted “spoke with Bobby Brown, trying to calm him down and not distract from the services. Today is a day about Whitney!”


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