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George Zimmerman’s “black friend,” Joe Oliver, appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to once again defend Zimmerman’s honor. Ever since this man stepped forward on Zimmerman’s behalf, we’ve been so confused as to why he even has anything to do with the Trayvon Martin murder case.

Oliver doesn’t know how to answer questions and it’s mostly because he’s exaggerating his connection to Zimmerman. He’s explained why he’s sticking his neck out like this for the neighborhood watchman turned murderer and even that reasoning is ridiculous. So here’s five quotes from Joe Oliver that make you say, “WTF?”

1. “I am not working right now, as I am trying to help George. No one is paying me to do this for George. I’ve been trying to contact George in order to offer my help because of my experience in the media.”

2. “Whatever happened with George before I met him–for me, that’s irrelevant. Because whatever happened before I met him, he grew immensely to be a kind, caring and giving individual.”

3. “Being an African American male and trying to understand what’s going on with George’s involvement with this and my experience. First of all, I had to ask myself, ‘What am I going to do for this person that I consider as a friend. I was going to go off with just the information that was being fed out there that all we knew about what happened–which, if I didn’t know George Zimmerman, I’d be outraged myself.”

4. “I’m not a stupid man either. I know what I’m putting myself up against. I know the reprecussions of this. I’m stepping forward for George because this is not a racial incident. I’m stepping forward for George because of how it has ignited all the racial tension we’ve had here for years. I understand everything that everybody is out there marching about because I’ve experienced it myself. I wouldn’t put myself on the line like this if I didn’t know that George Zimmerman was in a life or death struggle…Have you ever had a gut feeling?”

5. “There’s a lot of parts of this country where people call themselves ‘coon asses,’ like in Louisiana. I don’t know too many people, younger than 40, who use that term [coon] as a racial slur. I’ve been informed by my 17 year-old daughter that the term ‘goon’ is a term of endearment amongst peers.”

What do you think about Joe Oliver’s involvement with George Zimmerman?


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