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Spring is finally here! Although we are just beginning to enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine-filled days, it’s time to start thinking about those summer vacations, if you haven’t already. One of the most fun types of vacations to take is a cruise to some tropical location. However, as of late, cruise ships have been receiving a bad rap because of Carnival Cruises. Their ships have been breaking down left and right. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am not about that staying-on-a-broken-down-cruise-ship-for-weeks-until-they-can-tow-us-to-a-harbor life.

Besides the fact Carnival Cruises can’t get it together, cruises are still cool trips to go on. One thing that might ruin your cruise experience are people who complain about the dumbest things on the ship. Since I’m getting ready to book myself a cruise, I was scouring the internet for cruise ship horror stories and I ran into some of the dumbest complaints ever. Check out a quick list below.

5. A Couple Accused A Captain of Being “Rude” For Sailing Off When They Had Left A Note Saying They Needed More Sightseeing Time In Port

Excuse me, Sir and Ma’am, it’s a damn cruise! You got an itinerary when you got on the boat. what cruise ship captain will hold the boat from deporting because y’all want to see more of St. Maarten?! Y’all need to have a seat!

4. Man Complained About Not Getting “An Impressive Tan” On A Trip Around … Alaska

My dude, you booked a trip to Alaska! You’re going in the opposite direction of the sun and equator. It’s darker than Djimon Hounsou standing in the middle of a blackout at midnight up there.

3. Female Traveler Booked An Inside Cabin Then Complained About Not Having A View Of The Sea And Asked For A Window To Be Installed

Lady, you are officially an idiot. Nothing else to say.

2. One Woman Demanded An Explanation As To Why The Singer Was Not On Her Voyage After Noticing He Was On An Earlier Cruise Ship

See, stuff like this makes cruise ship employees wish they could smack the daylights out of some of you passengers!

1. A Woman Moaned About The Sea Being “Too Loud”

Don’t worry, Lady. We’ve got Jesus on the main line. We’re sure he wouldn’t mind adjusting his creation because it doesn’t meet your noise standards.

Hit us with your cruise ship horror stories below.



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