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Rick Ross is still feeling the heat from his rap lyric that references rape on the Rocko song “U.O.E.N.O.” While the Maybach Music Group leader has come out and said he doesn’t condone rape, he still hasn’t fully grasped why people are coming at his neck so hard. Rick Ross has been unable to get the angered masses to stop breathing down his neck about the “U.O.E.N.O.” verse. Most recently, a group of women, led by the Ultraviolet organization, went to the flagship Reebok store in New York City to demonstrate their disdain for Ross and his lyrics.  As Ross is continuously chastised by angry music fans, his rap friends have tried to come to his aid and have failed. Check out the dumbest defenses of Rick Ross’ ‘rape’ lyric.

1. Tyga

“It’s like freedom of speech..people act like they don’t condone it. You can’t say what you think and that’s stupid. We all got friends that’s been to jail or done stuff–sold drugs or anything like that. Sometimes you gotta be the voice for them people. And that’s what rap is. Pac would talk about the streets and his baby moms getting on his nerves. He was just the voice.”

No, Tyga. We condone freedom of speech, but along with freedom of speech comes a responsibility. You and everybody else in this country has the right to say whatever it is they feel. However, they must also accept the fact that in exercising their first amendment rights, they must be prepared to be judged and ridiculed. And if rap is the voice of the downtrodden, why would a rapper choose to be the voice of a rapist? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

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