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Hearing N.O.R.E speak about his late mentor and friend Chris Lighty isn’t easy. Even now, seven months after the hip-hop mogul was found dead in his Bronx, NY apartment,  N.O.R.E speaks about him in the present tense.

“Chris has been my manager since 1998,” he told, his voice trembling slightly with the weight of denial. Of course he knows that “Baby Chris” is no longer here, but part of him still hasn’t come to grips with it.

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“I may be gullible or stubborn but I don’t accept that [he killed himself],” N.O.R.E. says. Lighty was found with a gunshot wound to his head that was later ruled to be self-inflicted. “I have had people explain to me that what happened is pretty much the truth but I don’t accept it. I can’t accept it. He didn’t show me that part of him. Did I see Chris unhappy at times? Yeah. Did I see him unhappy enough to take his own life? No.”

Watch the next part of our interview with N.O.R.E where he tells us about where he was when found out that Christ Lighty died and how “The Violater” was there for him when his own father died in 1998.


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