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We don’t know by now that being a cop and trying to have a flourishing rap career doesn’t mix? Four Irvington, New Jersey police officers are facing internal charges for appearing in a rap video when they were off duty.

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Maurie Gattison, 44, who has served as a police officer for 18 years, along with three other officers were charged with “conduct unbecoming a police officer” according to the Associated Press. Gattison, who goes by the name “Gat the Great”, made the video for his song “Temper Like an Alcoholic”, and you can see him and his cop cronie entourage walking through tunnels sipping on vodka, flashing money, and wearing fur coats.

In the song, you hear him making homophobic slurs as well as promoting violence. (What? He’s not serious.) Gattison told The Star Ledger that the song has nothing to do with the job he does on the police force. “When I say the words. I never say it like intending to slander anybody. I’ve never used that term like that in my whole life,” he said. “They don’t have nothing. My career is impeccable. I do my job.”

Some officials and city councilmen are calling for them all to be fired. Some believe that if fired, it goes against the First Amendment. “If they lose their jobs, that’s life,” said City Councilman David Lyons. “I think police officers need to take responsibility for their actions and they should have thought about the consequences before they took those actions.”

Gattison’s rebuttal: “Anyone who thinks I should be fired is an idiot.”

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