RS: You’re going to take her to the spot where they be massaging your feet and stuff?

ES: Absolutely.

RV: (Laugh)

RJ: (Laugh)

ES: And we will do that and let’s have a good time.

RS: Hey, Rachel, we’re going to show you a real good time when you come up here. So you let us know when you want to come and we’re going to take care of you.

ES: Ricky gonna buy the ticket.

RJ: Okay.

RS: Okay, I’m for real now.

RJ: (Laugh) All right, thank you.

ES: Rachel, good luck with everything. And we love you, we support you, and you have a team of people behind you, you don’t even know, we don’t even call it a team; it’s family. We love you and support you, girl.

RS: They dogged down on TV, but guess what, she belongs to us, and we take care of ours. She ain’t thrown away. That’s what my grandma used to say. She ain’t thrown away. She belong to us. She gonna go to college get an education and she gonna be straight and she gonna look nice when she go. Hey, make us proud, so we’ll see you in a few weeks whenever you decide to come. Okay?

RJ: Oh, thank you.

ES: You were beautiful on all your interviews. She had her hair on one shoulder last night. I said, get it, Rachel, she was gone, this girl.

RS: Yeah, she’s trying to shine on Reverend Al’s show. She let it all hang down on her right shoulder. I said, okay, then. That’s what she was giving them.

M: She was giving you cascade hair.

RS: There you go.

ES: Yo, one time, Rachel Jeanteal. (Applause, cheers). Rod Vereen, thank you so much.

RJ: Thank you.

RV: All right. You guys take care.

RS: Thank you, Dog. The Ricky Smiley Morning Show.


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