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Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are the parents of Trayvon Martin, and the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman for murdering their unarmed son left many shocked and saddened. But would they have felt better if the trial resulted in a hung jury?

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Listen to what Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton had to say about a hung jury outcome, their expectations from the trial, the troubling comments from the second juror to come forward and much more in the interview below.

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RICKEY SMILEY: Hey, we got on the phone the parents of Trayvon Martin; Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. Hey, good morning.

TRACEY MARTIN: Good morning, Rickey.

SYBRINA FULTON: Good morning.

RS: How y’all doing?

TM: Oh, we’re blessed, man. Blessed.

RS: Hey, Sybrina, I got to ask you real quick before we get real deep, them hamburgers in that little spot in the hotel were good or wasn’t it?

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TM: (Laugh)

SF: (Laugh) Yes, it was.

RS: (Laugh)

SF: Yes, they were. They was awesome.

RS: (Laugh) We was up in New York last week standing at the Adria, the hotel. It’s all right in there, and they got a little hole in the wall hamburger joint, I swear, the line be ‘round the building. I said what is going on behind that curtain? Them damn hamburgers was good as hell.

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