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According to TMZ, Lamar Odom  will not be prosecuted for trashing a photog’s equipment. Wait…say what?

Refresh your memory of the freak out via the video below!

It still crack us up when he stops and poses for the little pic at the end with the fan! Who is bold enough to ask for that pic in the middle of watching him lose his shizz? Some people have zero chill! But we digress.

The L.A. City Attorney will not file criminal vandalism charges against Mr. Khloe Kardashian for destroying a camera guy’s equipment last month in Hollywood.  Instead, as TMZ reported several days ago, the matter will be set for an informal hearing in the City Attorney’s office.

The hearing is just a meeting  between the photographer and Lamar that will let both parties know what the rules are in dealing with one another in the roles of celebrity and paparazzi member.  It’s possible at the end of the hearing, Lamar could be ordered to attend anger management classes.


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