Bling (And Other Expensive Things) People don’t give barbershops enough credit for being one of the least secure businesses you could own. In fact, plenty of the barbershops I’ve frequented didn’t even have cash registers, let alone any type of actual security measures. Some had a dog, but the dog was too old to attack anything and was only there waiting for the sweet release of death. There were times in my life when I’d get high before going to get my hair cut and subsequently spent the entire time paranoid out of my mind, waiting for a group of masked men to run inside and take everyone’s haircut money and tennis shoes. (I’m sure this type of thing happens more often than the average person is aware of, too.) For that reason alone, I leave all unimportant items — like jewelry, watches, unnecessary electronic devices — in the car or at the crib. And in case you’re wondering, you can gauge the safety of a barbershop by its proximity to the hamburger stand, the liquor store, and a church. If it sits at an equal point between all three establishments, the likelihood of a getting robbed — whether inside or while walking to the bus stop — is relatively high. Well, it least in the ‘hood it is. All that iPhone flossing won’t do you any good if the wolves decide it’s time to eat and you won’t even see them coming because you’ll be trying to find a way to beat level 126 of Candy Crush Saga.

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