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The Notorious B.I.G Jacket Getting People Killed In NYC ?

Is it that serious that people are killing other people for a Jacket known as the “BIGGIE” coat? Apparently so, this is the Marmoth Mammoth jacket it appears to be a status symbols for teens in NYC. The Jacket goes for about $700-$800 dollars.

Kendrick Lamar Is Named GQ’s Rapper Of The Year, Says “Drake Isn’t A Creative Influence or Role Model!”

GQ has just released their man of the year issue and Kendrick has been named Rapper of the year. As part of this title, the magazine did a feature interview with Kendrick. The interview takes place during a chaotic time for Kendrick, as he bumps into Drake at the MTV Video Music Awards after his “Control” verse had stirred up tension between the two, participates in Fashion Week events, and attends the funeral services of his close friend, Chad Keaton.

Floyd Mayweather Writing a Book

Floyd Mayweather, world famous boxing champion and president of The Money Team is trying his hand as an author. Mayweather took to social media to make the announcement on his new venture, his book!

Kanye West and 2 Chainz Serenades Leonardo DiCaprio For His Birthday

Leonardo DiCaprio the playboy/ladies man celebrated his birthday last night with Kanye and 2 Chainz. The actor who turned 39 had a little mini concert with the two rappers at NYC’s Tao. The party raised money for Charities supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation, he auctioned off two bottles of Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage 1921. Other stars who celebrated DiCaprio’s birthday at a private dinner before the festivities included Martin Scorsese, Orlando Bloom, Alex Rodriquez, Derek Jeter, Tobey Maguire, Nicky Hilton and more.

Lebron James “Alledged” Father Files Paternity Suit To Confirm That He Is The Father

This man who is a Lawyer in DC is claiming to be Lebron’s father, he has filed two paternity suits to prove that he is his long lost father. His name is Leicester Bryce Stovell, from DC who says he had a one night stand with Lebron’s mother.

Adele Turns Down L’Oreal Contract For $20 Million

Adele must be tripping, she has turned down a lucrative deal with Lo’real deal worth $20 Million dollars. Not surprised people like Adele are more about their craft than endorsements. I kind of respect it.

Pebbles to Appear on The Wendy Show

Perri “Pebbles” Reid sits down with Wendy Williams to discuss how she was portrayed in the TLC biopic. Pebbles Reid, who discovered TLC and signed them to her record label in 1991, was portrayed as an evil tyrant and thief in the VH1 biopic Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story. Pebbles gives her first interview regarding her portrayal Wednesday on The Wendy Williams Show. Check your local listings.

Donald Trump Veteran’s Day Tweet Backfires Calls Them Haters and Losers!

Donald Trump knows he stays in some mess, he took to show is appreciation for Veteran’s dayby tweeting out the following, ‘Happy Veterans Day to ALL, in particular to the haters and losers who have no idea how lucky they are.’

Praising military personnel on social media early Monday morning, Trump first wrote, “We will only be the land of the free as long as we are the home of the brave,” but anti-Trump tweeters came out of the woodwork to unleash their furor.

One member  retweeted Trump’s message, adding the hashtag #YourWifeIsWaitingFo rYouToDie and yet another added the intro “Reminder: Trump’s a draft dodger” to the message directed at the real estate executive and reality TV star. The backlash sparked his follow-up posting, aimed at his haters. Trump was noticeably silent on his Veterans Day sentiment Monday morning when he phoned in for his segment on “Fox & Friends” morning show. Instead of talking about his Twitter mishaps, he of course had to talk about Obamacare. Just pathetic…

Ciara Fires Back at Critics

Yesterday Ciara and her fiance’ Future’s three baby mamas were the hottest topic in the urban blogosphere after they were all photographed together backstage at Future’s tour stop in Atlanta. Ciara and Britnni Mealy, mother of Future’s one year one son, respond to the firestorm.

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