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Dwyane Wade Launches New Tie Collection

Dwyane Wade is trying his hand at fashion even though his taste is questionable at times, but the three time NBA Champ and The Tie Bar joined forces to launch his new collection of Ties. The Dwyane Wade for The Tie Bar collection features 29 silk bow ties, 15 neckties and two dozen pocket squares. Each tie is custom-designed and comes in either classic prints such as polka dot, modern geometric prints or saturated solids. Wade said he was happy to align his name with the Chicago-based company because they make amazing products.

Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada Is Pregnant

Evelyn Lozada is about to have a baby and it’s not with Chad Ochcocinco, she is 6 months pregnant  and has been keeping it a secret for a while. Now back in May we told you about Evelyn possibly dating Los Angeles Dodgers Carl Crawford, could he be the father?

Sources tell TMZ that Evelyn has been seeing a guy for almost a year now and the relationship has gotten serious. They say that the pregnancy was planned and  it’s not a case of the whoops, I made a mistake! And until now only a small number of relatives were privy to the news.

Now She told Celebuzz: ‘I still want to be a mother, I still want to have other children, I still want to get married and have a family.’ Lozada added: ‘I just want a good guy. A family man who wants kids. I don’t want five kids, but one or twins would be great.’

Well her fifteen minutes are running out…So I guess getting pregnant was her only option. Let’s be honest she was trying to secure her future and this was the only way. If the dad is indeedCarl Crawford, he had a 7 year, $142 million dollar contract deal with the Red Sox and oncetraded to the Dodgers he secured an $11 Million dollar deal and was able to keep part of his deal from the Sox.

Looking at his salary this what he will be making with the Dodgers until 2017,  2010: $10,000,000; 2011: $14,000,000; 2012: $19,500,000; 2013: $20,000,000; 2014: $20,250,000; 2015: $20,500,000; 2016: $20,750,000; 2017: $21,000,000; 2018: Free Agent  So yeah.. Baseball money is long, guaranteed money. I ain’t even mad.Kudos for keeping her relationship on the low.. Congratulations.

Zimmerman’s Former Attorney’s Hits Him With A $2.5 Million Dollar Bill

Don West and Mark O’Mara are making sure George Zimmerman pays a hefty price for getting him away with Murder…Literally… And it’s going to cost Zimmerman $2.5 Million dollars, that he probably doesn’t have. Zimmerman was acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin back in July, O’Mara and West took on the case in April 2012 after Zimmerman’s first legal team quit — and each attorney has billed Zimmerman about 3,000 hours.

Source: Tattle Tailzz

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