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Sevyn Streeter has been blazing the charts since October of last year when her first single “I Like It” hit airways. The song climbed all the way to number 19 on Billboards U.S. R&B chart. Her follow up single “It Won’t Stop”, with the remix featuring her mentor Chris Brown, was an even bigger smash, reaching number 10 on the U.S. R&B/Hip-Hop charts and is still Today marks the release of Streeter’s highly anticipated debut EP “Call Me Crazy, but..”

No stranger to the music industry, Sevyn has penned hits for artists such as Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Estelle & Tamar Braxton to name a few. She is also the writer behind pop singer Ariana Grande’s breakout number 1 single “The Way”. Because of her knack for writing hits and the success of the single “It Won’t Stop” fans and followers of Sevyn have been waiting to see what was in store on “Call Me Crazy, but..” Adding to the anticipation of its debut, Streeter released a few teaser videos that included snippets from the EP in the weeks leading up to today.

I am among those that couldn’t wait to hear what Streeter had planned and guess what? She did not disappoint, delivering an EP of exactly what I expected, nothing but hits. It’s rare that you find work from an artist that can be played all the way through without bypassing a track. “Call Me Crazy, but..” is that type of EP. I found myself wanting to repeat songs before I’d even heard the whole EP. Streeter stated, “It’s basically just talking about the cycle of a relationship: the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly.” Her description was dead on. This is an EP for every girl that has experienced the emotional rollercoaster that is love, from the bliss at the beginning to the heartbreaks when it ends.

While I love just about every track, my favorite is the song “nEXt”. Streeter sings about the back and forth she experiences in her relationship. “How can my ex-boyfriend be my next boyfriend?” she says. Now ladies, can’t we all relate? We’ve all held on to that one guy even though we know the relationship has reached its dead in. “We’re miserable apart, but together it’s so hard,” she continues. Production from veteran producer D’Mile provides the perfect instrumentals to complement Sevyn’s heartfelt testimony. The single was one of the tracks that came with a visual, with Sevyn in the video enjoying time with her boo (actor Tristian Miles) and then later cutting up old photographs they have together.

Another one of my favorites is “Sex on the Ceiling”. In contrast to the confusion that’s felt in “Next”, Streeter gives a very clear and graphic description of the type of lovemaking she wants with her boyfriend. She sings that it’s so enjoyable that gravity has left the building and she and her boo are able to love each other ceiling. This is definitely one that you want to play when you want to set the mood for that quality time with your significant other.

Every female artist has that one song that the ladies can blast when they’re over their relationship, the song that helps you bash your ex. Streeter has named hers “B.A.N.S”, which stands for “b***h a** n***as”. On this track Sevyn laments about regretting the fact that she let a guy get the best of her. Another relatable track, she discusses how he went ghost after he got what he wanted. I foresee this one being on my most played playlist very soon.

In all, Streeter delivers and does not leave listeners disappointed. While there are only seven tracks, the EP includes a little something for everybody. Streeter’s official album is set to release some time in the upcoming year and after hearing this, I’m anxious to see what else she has up her sleeve. Ladies, Streeter has given us an early Christmas present. What are you waiting for?? Go listen to “Call Me Crazy, but..” right now! It seems like a lot of twitter agrees with me. Check out a few tweets about “Call Me Crazy, but..”