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Ohh boy…this is going to go over like a ton of led bricks with the party promotion community! According to TMZ, a man who got shot at a BET Hip Hop Awards after party claims the club, Viacom and BET employed negligent security people at the event and he is now suing them as a result of it.

In his lawsuit, Antwon Black claims that he attended a party at Compound Nightclub in Atlanta on October 2, 2011. The nightclub is said to be the location of  the official BET after party.

Black says the club messed up and allowed one of its frequent patrons past security without checking for weapons and that patron ended up shooting Black in his left leg.

Black is suing the owners of the club, Viacom and BET for failing to keep the club safe.

We have questions as there are a lot of things that are unclear to us all right now! For instance…were Black and the shooter strangers…or did they know one another? Did Mr. Black and the shooter get involved in some type of argument or did shots ring out inside of the club and Mr. Black ended up taking a bullet to the leg in an unfortunate case of collateral damage? Was the after party really an event sanctioned by BET and Viacom as in they spent money for that party to be thrown…or were there some club promoters that just wanted to slap that on a flier to get people inside the door? What took so long for this case to be brought forward? If it happened in October of 2011….what’s been going on with Mr. Black since then… that had him wait this long to finally decide to bring the lawsuit?

We don’t wonder all of that because we are trying to accuse Mr. Black of anything…we wonder all of that because we’re curious as to how strong his case is!

We guess we’ll be getting those questions answered in the next few weeks! So stay tuned!

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