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2014-04-26-clippA message to the motherf*cker that own the Clippers,” Snoop says in an Instagram post. “You bitch-ass, redneck, white-bred, chicken sh*t motherf*cker: F*ck you, your momma and everything connected to you, you racist piece of sh*t. F*ck you.”

“Donald sterling is the definition of racism …. He could b your judge…. Your doctor… teacher etc… I bet nothing happens 2 him,” added Meek, via Twitter.

In addition to being upset, Compton rapper Game took it a step further, calling on all fans to boycott the Clippers’ playoff games. “I have to say that after listening to the full audio clip of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racists comments towards (minorities) specifically African Americans & Hispanics, I am totally outraged & very upset,” the rapper wrote. “In the support of my own race, Hispanics & every other race whose been fighting current & past racism I have now started the #ESCwhich is short for #EMPTYSEATCAMPAIN asking ALL Los Angeles residents to boycott the next Clippers game by not attending which will prove that we are more of a MAJORITY than the previously stated ‘minority’ label given to us by Mr. Sterling.”