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Donald Sterling

Yikes! You know it’s bad when the disco group The Village People are refusing to let the Clippers use the song YMCA during their games! The updates to this story are remarkable….and according to TMZ the fallout is coming swiftly for Donald Sterling the alleged racist owner of the LA Clippers!

As we previously reported, Sterling was busted in recordings making many disparaging and flat out degrading remarks about black people. Upon a tape being released to TMZ that allegedly contained the voice of Sterling admonishing his reported girlfriend for having pics posted on Instagram with black people. Sterling and his team jumped to deny that the man on the tape was actually Sterling or that the tape was legit. They also misled the public by claiming that the tape was an act of revenge by the woman on the tape, V. Stiviano because she is being sued by the Sterling family for embezzlement.

A quick fact check with one of our entertainment reporter friends in LA, led us to a CBS story about that particular lawsuit. The story was done back in March and it was not about Ms. Stiviano embezzling anything. It was about the estranged wife of Donald Sterling suing Ms. Stiviano for seducing her husband away from her. Court docs show that Sterling was in a relationship for around 4 years with Ms. Stiviano. (who is said to be of mixed heritage…half black and half mexican.) Stiviano is allegedly extremely upset that the Clippers and Donald Sterling publicly embraced a lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife Shelly against Stivianio.

Confused yet…good that means you are right on the same page with the rest of us because most everyone who has heard this story has had that same “WTF?” reaction!

But the fallout and response have been huge. Sterling basically called his players slaves in one of the newly released tapes and everyone imaginable has chimed in at this point as to what should happen next as a result.

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Many are calling for boycotts of tonight’s Clippers vs Warriors game at the Staples Center. Some want the team players to sit out and others are calling for  the fans to stay home if they have tickets to the game. While still others are saying that there should be a total “black out” of the game which would mean the black players refuse to play, the fans refuse to attend and no one watches the game on TV.

It’s no surprise that Rev Al Sharpton has his own ideas about what should happen. Check out what he had to say about what he wants to see happen ASAP!



TMZ reports that Donald Sterling contacted his ex-girlfriend Sunday and asked her flatly,

“How can we make this go away?”

TMZ sources are saying that Sterling is extremely aware that Stiviano has in excess of more than 100 hours of recordings. We can’t imagine that any further recordings are needed to be heard. At this point, the damage has more than been done. But the sources are reporting that  Stiviano told Sterling to call her lawyer … which basically opened the door to settlement discussions. Especially since Sterling wants to make sure the rest of the tapes never get out. We do have to wonder though, if there is still more that can be damaging…what in the world could this man still have left to hide?!

TMZ Sports contacted Stiviano’s lawyer Mac E. Nehoray … but there was no comment made. 


NBA attorneys have allegedly authenticated the tapes! Check out the video below.



TMZ claims they are told there was NO doubt by anyone the recording is the real deal.  The NBA lawyers heard the 15 minutes that have been made public, but not the remaining 45.  And based on conversations along with analysis … they believe it’s legit.

Why in the world did Stiviano tape so many conversations you ask? Well, she allegedly told friends the Clippers owner requested that she record him and that he KNEW he was being recorded! This was reportedly done because he frequently forgot what he said and the tapes refreshed his memory! Oh boy…this ain’t looking to good for ol Donald’s case now is it?

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any odder…Donald Sterling emerged with his estranged wife only hours after she  publicly threw him under the bus by calling him despicable and prejudiced! But this time she LOUDLY defended him.

Donald and Shelly Sterling were leaving Fleming’s Steakhouse in Downtown L.A. Sunday night … when a photog asked the Clippers owner if he was a racist … in light of the audio posted by TMZ Sports.

Shelly screamed at the camera guy, “OF COURSE NOT.”

Wait..huh? Just hours before, when the story broke Shelly Sterling had said,

“We will not let one man’s small-mindedness poison the spirit of the fans. Our family is devastated by the racist comments made by my estranged husband.”

She was married to this man for a virtual lifetime and didn’t know he was that racist? Is that really even possible?

Even Donald Sterling‘s own son-in-law, Director of Basketball Administration for the Clippers (That’s one heck of a son-in-law job right?) who helps run the day-to-day operation of the team, spoke to TMZ Sports and said what his father-in-law did is ignorant and racist … and if that costs him his job for speaking up about it … then so be it!

Said Sterling’s son-in-law Eric Miller,

“I find the statements and representations made by the Clippers’ team owner to be deplorable and disgusting.  There is no room in sports or society in general, for racism. I pledge my full support for the wonderful players, coaches and staff members of the Clippers organization.  I have complete faith that Commissioner Silver will deal with this matter swiftly and severely. If these comments should happen to cost me my employment with the team, it is but a small price to pay to speak out against ignorance and racism.”

Donald Sterling’s daughter, Joanna Sterling Miller (who is married to Eric)  added,

“I am devastated and saddened by the cruel and insensitive comments expressed in these audio tapes.”


So, now the one last piece left to be updated is the sponsorship loss. As it stands the Clippers have lost the following companies as sponsors; Kia, Red Bull, AquaHydrate,Virgin America, CarMax and State Farm. We sort of get the feeling that others are going to be compelled to follow suit and soon.

There! Now you are just as confused and bewildered as we are! We aren’t sure where this crazy story is going to lead next! But we do know that as we learn about it…we’ll definitely keep you updated!



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