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 What a perfect example of how it ain’t always the girls being petty out here in these entertainment streets! According to our friends over at Bossip, n a recent interview with DeDe In The Morning, Mike Epps was asked who the most overrated comedian was. Epps said, “Kevin Hart” without barely taking a pause! But it didn’t stop there! Take a listen to everything Mr. Epps had to say about his fellow comedians and actors…and comedians who act in the audio below!



DOH! Well, Mr. Hart eventually was made aware of the comments and wasn’t happy! Kevin took to his Instagram account to demonstrate it!  Take a look at what he had to say in the video and posting below!



 “Hey @eppsie don’t wake up this monster pimp. If you want me to be honest, I’m showing you what you should

of did when you had your shot at success!!!! Oooooh Killlleeeemmmm…. You do clubs & small theaters…

I DO ARENA’S man. You do small movies….I DO MOTION PICTURES & SEQUELS!!! So go pick a fight with

somebody in ur league like CHUCKY DUCKY or somebody…no offense CHUCKY DUCKY!!!



#IFYoUSaySometHingAboutMeImGoingToSaySomethingBack  #HeWokeUpAmonster”


Wow…quack  quack! Somehow we get the feeling this isn’t about to be over soon…we just hope Bruce Bruce or Arnez J aren’t thrown under the bus next…sheesh! But since we’re speaking about our favorite Def Comedy Jam era comedians…why not take a look at a few including Mike and Kevin in the videos below?!












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