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Yikes…when it rains what else does it do? It pours! The worst thing to ever do to someone who knows way too much about you is talk trash about them. But, when you do it publicly you open the door for them to come right back at you…publicly!

According to Love & Hip Hop‘s Amanda that’s exactly what she did and why she did it! Take a look at what the LHHH alum had to say to DJ Vlad about Lil Fizz and the lies that he was allegedly trying to sell to the TV viewing audience in the video below!



Doh! Now, take a look at Fizz’s response to Amanda’s claims!



We have a question…what’s up with the glasses? We don’t like it when we’re asking for the truth and the story is coming from someone who refuses to show you their eyes…just saying!

Ahh young love there’s nothing quite like it!

The lesson here kids is super simple, keep people’s names out of your mouth if you don’t want them to return the favor!



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