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Weezy had a complete fit yesterday on Twitter over Cash Money Records not releasing his new album. He even said he was a prisoner and wanted to leave. But are things really the way Lil Wayne’s making them seem?lil-wayne-birdman-wotsn

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Well, we told you it wasn’t over.

Lil Wayne's All Star Kick Off Party - NBA All-Star Weekend 2014

Wayne’s manager and friend, Cortez Bryant was questioned by TMZ, while coming out of the club in West Hollywood last night. He says everything is peachy!

When asked about Wayne’s issue, he said:

We good. I’m smiling. I wouldn’t be out at the club right now.”

He also says that Weezy has no plans on leaving the label.

We good, we staying where we at.

He was then asked about Tyga, (since he also had a lot to say about the record label’s slow process on releasing albums) and Cortes said,

Tyga’s good too. That’s my brother.

Maybe Cortez is trying to keep it on the hush hush. Or maybe Wayne worked it out with Birdman. Whatever it is, just tell Wayne to stop with the Twitter rants unless it’s official. Got everybody worried and stuff…

Check out the video here!

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