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Celebrity Hairstylist Shekinah Jo has been making noise ever since her debut on VH1 as a Reality Star. She’s been deemed a VH1 Fan Favorite all while always managing to make hair and her brand a priority.


Recently, Shekinah sat down with BE Magazine during a photoshoot for their Winter Digital Issue and opened up about embracing her sexy, her love for LHHH’s Omarion’s relationship and so much more.

Shekinah on Embracing Her Sexy:

“I’m not all the way sexy to me. I do have a big butt, and I know I’m a little plump, but I just play with it for the thick girls to let them know you’ve gotta BE happy within yourself. I like to play with my thickness & wear 1/2 shirts & do sexy stuff like that BEcause we can.”

Check out what Shekinah had to say about her #MCM

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