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The Internet has lost it’s damn mind! After receiving emails and texts with one line: Have you seen the Maila selfie?! I realized that the leak of this selfie says a lot about “us” as a society.

1. We all apparently aren’t busy enough.

Which is funny because we are all so quick to tell each other how busy we are. Our excuse for everything under the sun is, “Yeah…I was busy.” But how busy are we really if we take the time to analyze to death a picture of the first daughter doing things people her age do? (People who are not her age do it too! I am side-eyeing all of Gen Y right now.)

2. We are obsessed with the private lives of other people.

Privacy in the age of digital media almost seems like a myth, rather than a reality. And perhaps that’s why social media is as important as it is–it plays on our propensity to be voyeurs. Seriously, why do we care so much about the lives of other people?

3. We look for “celebrity” in our political leaders (and their families).

It probably started in the Kennedy era, and it is a tradition that persists and thrives, where we position political families as “celebrities.” And in so doing, not only do we pick apart their politics, we pick apart every detail of their lives we can find. But have we stopped to think what we’re doing to our political systems when we do this?

4. Our celebrity culture is ridiculous.

Apart from making everything and everyone a celebrity, we have lost our sense of appreciation for what the spotlight ought to signify. Malia could quite possible one day be famous for being a filmmaker (as her interests have indicated). I imagine those accolades would be more important than anything that comes with being “the president’s daughter.”

5. We don’t really know what “news” means anymore.

This is almost as bad as when we saw even the likes of CNN reporting on Blue Ivy’s hair. The girl just wore a shirt that may or may not signify she’s into the Hip Hop collective, #ProEra. But really, how and why is this news again? I think it’s pretty clear why the Obama parents do not let their guard down where media is concerned with their family. Because the storm of media in the last 24 hours has been quite the circus.

6. We are always looking for slip-ups from people, especially famous people.

We love a good story don’t we? And what makes for a better story than for questioning the ifs, buts, hows, and all the other hypotheticals of a situation like this. “Oh, why did she take it?” “Did the President and First Lady know? “Are they going to comment on this?” In all seriousness, I hope they don’t. So that they can leave us all in obscurity. Because truly, it is absolutely none of our business.


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