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Amber Rose broke the internet when she started sharing unbelievably sexy photos of herself on vacation with BFF Blac Chyna in Miami. The photos were enticing, racy and honestly, beautiful. And while the internet erupted in cheers and boos for the mother of one’s displaying of her body, it was the above meme, placing her beside Michelle Obama that made us cringe.

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The meme clearly shows a visual juxtaposition as well as an implied comparison of the type of women they both are. Our First Lady is obviously a class act, so she’s shown as such, in a gown aka fully clothed. Amber is seen in a barely there bikini that leaves nothing and everything to the imagination. And with the words, “Some women do anything for attention. Others demand your respect,” we’re left to assume that Amber is the one doing anything for attention and Michelle is demanding respect.

This meme reminds us of the cartoon where the artist showed a little girl throwing her Nicki Minaj posters away and putting up her new idol, Lupita Nyong’o. Instead of just allowing Lupita’s moment as a new icon to shine, the artist unintentionally (we hope) put these two incredible women against one another.

And #TeamBeautiful just wants to know why–why the need for the meme, why put these two women against each other, why create a space to praise one woman and belittle the next? This is what we think.




Shamika Sanders, Entertainment Editor

 Seriously? Is it such a crime for women to show off their body? Amber Rose is freaking hot and if she wants to out it on display, so be it. Wouldn’t you? There’s always some self-righteous person out to get the first profound quote to make themselves feel more important. Whoever created this meme was clearly after likes. Michelle Obama and Amber Rose are two completely different women and that’s OK. They may have different goals and perspectives, but I don’t think one respects herself more than the other.


Danielle Young, Lifestyle Editor

I appreciate Amber Rose’s confidence. Her body is amazing and yes, she’s a mother, but who came up with these rules that mothers couldn’t be sexy too? And as long as her little-to-no clothing snapshots don’t effect who she is a a mother to her son Sebastian, then there’s no harm done.

Trying to make the statement that Michelle Obama is better than Amber is just wrong. We shouldn’t have to compare the two in a way to bring one down while lifting up the next. You don’t see this type of comparison with men. Jay Z is a father, his music is sometimes derogatory to women and he’s still praised as a father. Idris Elba is also a father, who has a classier image than Jay Z’s urban swag and he’s allowed to be sexy, take his shirt off and say provocative things like bowties make his d–k hard and no one questions him as a father. Before I even go all the way down the rabbit hole of sexism and double standards, let me just say that women, no matter how much clothes they decide to wear, are all beautiful and have something to contribute to the world. Both Michelle Obama and Amber Rose are role models to many women who would be surprised at how similar they are.

Not only does this meme create unnecessary competition between these women, it creates it in the women who see it and proclaim they’re a Michelle and not an Amber or vice versa. Naturally, you’re going to prefer one over the other here, but we don’t have to project our own hang ups around self-esteem, sexuality and class onto these women just because Amber’s body is spectacular and she knows it, so she shows it. Let’s just marvel at it and move on.

 shardae-jobsonShardae Jobson, Staff Writer

When it comes to Amber Rose, I stand with her on this one. I find the pseudo-feud meme of Rose vs. Michelle Obama unnecessary. Yes, the First Lady is a modern goddess for the ages. I’ll always feel a sense of pride whenever I see her on TV or on the cover of VOGUE, and I get what the meme was trying to do, but comparing these two is not fair.

Rose is not some sorry Instagram model. Her pics didn’t bother me because her body is real, unlike many women in Hollywood and those women associated with hip-hop and urban modeling. I will always give her credit for that! With the pressure to have an hourglass figure in the Black community and some even going as far as getting drastic and (botched) plastic surgery to achieve it, Rose’s body is the real thing. I’m here for both her black lipstick and Moschino snapback selfies and her chain-link dresses, like she wore at the VMAs. #LeaveAmberAlone!

What do you think about this meme beauties? Sound off in the comments below.


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