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In today’s world of technology, the feat of staying healthy and fit is no longer left up to you and only you! Of course, good ole’ fashioned hard work is still necessary, but thanks to these health accessories and your smartphone, you’ll feel like you’ve got some assistance every step of the way.  Here are the 10 latest, most cutting edge gadgets out there that’ll make your fitness journey a little bit easier!

1. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker & Sleep Wristband

With its simple (and water resistant) design, you can wear it anywhere, which comes in handy since it does so much! Fitbit tracks your steps, how far you’ve travelled, calories burned, and, if worn while sleeping, it even tracks the amount and quality of your sleep.

Because of its minimalistic design, there is no display, but sink the Fitbit with the corresponding app (available for Android, iOS and Windows phone), and you’ll be able to see all this data, as well as long in your food intake and get longterm information.

Fitbit will also wake you in the morning if you like, with vibrations that won’t startle you awake or disturb your partner! It comes in a variety of colors and retails at $99.

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2. Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker

Available in three sizes, this band is more interactive than your average tracker. You set a daily target amount of “NikeFuel” as a goal and it uses an accelerometer to judge how active you’ve been, and its LED light changes colors based on how close you get to reaching it throughout your day. Additionally, it tracks steps and calories burned. It displays the time, it’s water resistant and its battery life is a whole five days long.

It’s mostly motivation based, and when you sync it to the iOS app via Bluetooth, you can see a breakdown of your activity over the last week, month or year. Plus, it shows unlocked achievements and allows you to can change daily fitness goals straight from the app. Retails from $99-$319.

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3. Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Before you go running, wear the Zephyr on your chest with the included strap, link it up to your phone via Bluetooth, and by the end of your run (or during) you’ll have all the info about your heart rate, distance travelled, speed and intensity level of your workout. Zephyr is also compatible with a whole range of fitness apps, so you can just add it to the one you’re already using and hit the pavement!


4. JayBird Sportsband 2

Most exersizers stress the importance of music during a good work-out, and the JayBird understands. These headphones are designed specifically with sports in mind. They stay in place no matter how hard you’re going, it takes calls and allows you to skip a song or change to volume without the awkward fumble that comes when phones, chords and iPods are involved. Plus, it looks fabulous, and so will you.

5. Withings Smart Body Analyser

This is probably the coolest scale you will ever set foot upon. Not only will it give you a completely accurate body weight reading, but it’ll also tell you your body fat, your heart rate, and even checks the quality of the air so you know what kind of environment you’re working in. Its App, available for Android and iOS, will help you achieve your weight goals by breaking them down into smaller, weekly goals and lets you see your progress. Retails for about $150.

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6. Jawbone UP

A lesser known fitness brand, Jawbone UP tracks sleep (how long it took you to fall asleep, light sleep vs. deep sleep, and more), calories burned, steps, distance, plus the amount of time that you spend idle compared to the amount of time that you spend being active.

It’s got a ten day battery life and a corresponding app iOS and Android that will tell you all of that information and let you log in food and drink intake, and set goals! It’s also  compatible with other fitness apps, such as RunKeeper and MapMyFitness.

7. Tune Belt Sport Armband

This armband will keep your phone strapped tightly and securely to your arm- with an adjustable armband -while you workout, give off a reflective light if you’re running in the dark. Check to see if it’s compatible with your phone!

8. Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Sensor 

This sensor is perfect for avid cyclists. It will track your speed, cadence and distance traveled when mounted onto your bike. It will also go as far as to show you how much you’ve cycled over the last week, month, or year, or give you a total distance. It’s compatible with some third party apps, such as Cyclemeter and MapMyRide.

You also can also ditch your phone at home if you like, since the sensor can sync your data for you after your workout, and its durable, replaceable battery can work for up to a year without charging.

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9. Sennheiser CX 685 Sports earphones 

For those who prefer earbuds over headphones, these are the perfect fit. Shock absorbent and water resistant, they are sure to outlast your toughest workouts. Plus, the rubber buds will stay in your ear regardless of how big or small your ears are. They don’t leak sound and they block out the outside world which makes them perfect for the gym, and not the streets, because they won’t allow you to hear oncoming traffic. Otherwise, these are the perfect exercise headphones. Retails for about $35.

10. Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor wraps around your arm, connects via cable directly to the Apple or Android product of your choice, and displays results on it. Get a single reading, a mean average,  see your blood pressure history, and separate readings by pm and am so you won’t get confused. Plus, you can email the results to your doctor straightaway, and allows for multiple users to get their results too. Retails for $129.95.


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