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Dating advice to women from eight different men. Are you rolling your eyes? We were too, until we read “Single Man Married Man” and met the group of authors (Dr. Jean Alerte, Rae Holliday, Pervis Taylor III, Frank Gateau, Jickael Bazin, DJ Fadelf, Zangba Thomson and Kel Spencer), all ranging from single to divorced. These are the men who are offering their solid advice on dating. And just in case you want to make a Steve Harvey comparison *cough* Think Like A Man*cough* don’t! This book is allowing women to take a peek inside the minds of real men and how they perceive us.

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“Single Man Married Man” is set up on the inquiry, “If every man wants to get married, why aren’t they marrying you?” Sounds harsh, but we don’t need smoke and mirrors and fairy tales wrapped in a bow, we need the real deal–tough love. When celebrated author, Dr. Jean Alerte opened up Brooklyn Swirl with his wife and business partner, he had no idea that the presence of his best friend, Frank Gateau would be the start of “Single Man Married Man.”

Alerte told #TeamBeautiful that women would come in for frozen yogurt and spot Frank and wonder how in the world he was single?! Every woman that walked into the shop wanted to know what was “wrong” with Frank. And Dr. Alerte wanted to get his friend married off, so he started a conversation with him that turned into a book that was to be written by the both of them–a single man and a married man.

But something was missing. Dr. Alerte and Gateau needed more people. That’s when they tapped life coach, Pervis Taylor III, business resource consultant Jickael Bazin, media personality and editor Rae Holliday, songwriter Kel Spencer, author Zangba Thomson and DJ Fadelf–all men who are either single, married or divorced, to chime in. They surveyed hundreds of women and used the top 10 frequently asked questions as the foundation of the book. Each man answers the question based on their marital status and experience. The result is a relationship book like no other! We just had to have these handsome Black men in the office, giving us all the tea on the things we want to know most: social media or nah, what’s this “hook-up” culture about, should women stop wondering about their status in a relationship and more. Check out the video above!

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