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Armina Mussa was stabbed ten times on April 8th, 2015, and for the first time, she’s speaking out.

Mussa’s story is both a miracle and a tragedy. For hours she battled – she underwent various surgeries and struggled to hold onto her life. And as surgeons fought to save her, her close friend and business partner Solange Knowles made sure the horrific act did not escape the public eye. Most of the released information regarding the incident came from either Knowles’ social media accounts, or from various reports that all relied on the alleged attacker’s version of what she claimed happened that bloody April day. Today, we hear from the victim herself.

According to Mussa, almost everything in the media reports was entirely false. The police reports stated that her attacker, 26-year-old Arronesia Christophe, encountered Mussa in front of a high school friend’s house. Mussa, talking to The NOLA Defender, says this was not the case. In fact, the stabbing took place right in front of Mussa’s own home in St. Roch, New Orleans.

Mussa said:

“I watched my attacker circle my block before pulling into the shared parking lot of my home.”

Christophe told reporters she acted in self-defense and had not planned the attack by any means. However, Mussa says she did nothing to provoke Christophe and claims there is no doubt in her mind the attack was premeditated. She called the incident what it truly was – “an act of evil.”

The reports also stated that Mussa furiously approached Christophe’s car, looking to start a fight. The attacker told reporters she begged Mussa to back off, but she refused. It was at that point that she claims she started to fight back, grabbing a small pocket knife out of the center console of her car to protect herself. But according to Mussa, none of this is true. She says Christophe even lied about the weapon she used.

Mussa told NOLA reporters:

“I was faced with a kitchen knife that the aggressor and trespasser had in her hand while her vehicle was parked in front of my home. When I approached the aggressor and trespasser’s vehicle window to ask that she leave my property, she sat there with her head tilted towards me, while waving the kitchen knife in a malicious demeanor. I then said to her through the window, ‘You need to leave.’ The aggressor and trespasser then proceeded to exit her vehicle and wave the kitchen knife in my face while questioning me aggressively in regards to why she should leave.”

She admits to fighting back against her alleged attacker to a certain degree, but stresses that she only did so after being threatened with a blade. She made it very clear that her intention was not to hurt Christophe, but to disarm her.

This is what Mussa remembers of the incident:

“We began to argue for no more than a minute until I felt extremely threatened and struck. I was afraid to turn my back on an armed, angry, and seemingly violent person. So, I took the initiative to use a forceful handle on her by attempting to take her down and knock the knife free, which unfortunately did not work. The aggressor and trespasser began slashing me with the kitchen knife repeatedly until I was completely weakened and bloody. I backed up. Shocked, I said, ‘Why would you stab me?’ She appeared to have no remorse. I was stabbed from my abdomen up to my head. I then removed my own shirt to stop the bleeding from my head while I shouted my prayers to God so hard before losing consciousness.”

Since the attack, Mussa has known she would struggle to regain her physical health, but she underestimated the emotional toll the day would have on her mental state. She says the biggest struggle has been moving forward and coming to peace with what happened, telling reporters, “[my] heart drops to my stomach in disgust and fear every time I recollect that evening.”

Solange stood by her side, canceling her Coachella performance to support her friend and project manager. For the past two months, Knowles has been amazed by Mussa’s “strength, courage, grace and positivity” and called her survival “nothing short of a miracle.”

“She is a true reflection of the word, survivor, and a testament of resilience. I couldn’t be more proud of my dear friend,” said Solo.

There’s simply no justification for an incident of this nature. With that said, Mussa is grateful to be alive and thankful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

Christophe has yet to comment on Mussa’s statement. Christophe has been charged with attempted second-degree murder and aggravated battery.

SOURCE: NOLA Defender | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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