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The new documentary 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets depicts the 21st century lynching of a young teenager named Jordan Davis, who was gunned down by a White man named Michael Dunn at a gas station for playing his music too loud.

Via Take Part:

Directed by Marc Silver, the documentary intercuts powerful exclusive footage from a riveting trial with intimate, observational scenes of Jordan’s parents, Ron and Lucy. We see firsthand how difficult it is for them to grapple with unimaginable loss while fighting for justice for their son. The film integrates police interrogation footage, prison phone recordings and interviews with the others at the scene that night. The result is a powerful story about the devastating effects of racial bias, and the search for justice within the judicial system.

We got our hands on an exclusive clip from the documentary that explores the danger and subjectivity of Florida’s Stand Your Ground self-defense laws by weaving Dunn’s trial with a chorus of citizen and pundit opinions, and with Jordan Davis’s parents’ wrenching experiences in and out of the courtroom.

Check it out above; 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets comes out tomorrow. For more information, click here.

Watch An Exclusive Clip From The Documentary On Jordan Davis: “3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets”  was originally published on