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The year’s first tale of prison romance didn’t end well, and this one hasn’t either.

Lytonya Hickbottom, a Maricopa County Correctional Health Services nurse in Arizona, passed nude photos of herself to inmate Ramon Cummings. When police searched the prisoner’s Phoenix jail cell, they found several naked photos of the 37-year-old, according to the Arizona Republic.

Sheriff’s Office officials said the woman, “admitted that she gave photos of herself to another inmate to pass along to her incarcerated paramour.” To make matters worse, Lytonya put $100 in Cummings’ commissary and agreed to smuggle drugs into the prison for him. Cummings’ jail stint stems from charges of sexual assault, gang activity, and he’s even been accused of murder in the past.

The investigation into the duo’s relationship began back on Sept. 3 and was quickly confirmed with damning monitored phone calls between the pair. When detectives confronted Lytonya at the prison and showed her the pictures, she reportedly said not all of them were of her.

The nurse was charged with promoting prison contraband and was promptly fired. She will face the charges in an internal affairs court proceeding.

SOURCE: Arizona Republic | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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