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Fifteen years after they cheered their ways into our hearts and gave us timeless quotes (“This is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy!”), the stars from Bring It On – Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku, and Jesse Bradford – reunited for an epic photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly.

They reminisced about their time on set and the antics that went on behind the scenes. Kirsten revealed that while she took the role, she really wasn’t into it because she thought it was going to be just another teen movie. It was the director, Peyton Reed, who really convinced her to play the role of Torrance.

“I was like, ‘A cheerleading movie?’ It sounded like it could have been just a cheesy teen movie, but what sealed the deal for me was talking to the director, Peyton Reed, on the phone — he was just so smart,” she said.


Gabrielle said she gets fans quoting lines to her from the movie all the time:

“I get a lot of Natina [Reed]’s lines: “Let’s beat these Buffys down,” or “You been touched by an angel, girl,” but I don’t mind. [Reed, a.k.a. Isis’ fellow Clover Jenelope, died in 2012.] Even when I’m promoting different movies or my TV show, people still want to talk about Bring It On. When I run into Katie Couric, it’s the first thing she talks about.”

Take a look at behind-the-scenes moments from the photoshoot below.


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