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Back to the Future Day wrapped up, the self-lacing sneakers became a reality, and then Jimmy Kimmel took the festivities a bit further.

As Jimmy continues to host his nightly talk show in Brooklyn this week, his guests on Wednesday were none other than Marty McFly and Doc Brown. The two (Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd) hopped out of the DeLorean to see if 2015 is all it’s cracked up to be. Jimmy took the opportunity to show them his iPhone, revealing they can watch videos while sitting on the toilet. Marty and Doc looked at each other with a confused expression on their faces before Marty broke the silence to say, “That’s gross.”

Doc took things a bit further, as his only concern is that they haven’t built flying cars or hoverboards yet. Hoverboards do exist, but we all know they’re really just motorized skateboards. Marty also asked about peace in the Middle East and whether or not the Cubs are in the World Series. Unfortunately, the answer is no to both of those questions.

When asked what the hell we’ve been up to for 30 years, Kimmel came up with the best answer possible: the invention of Cronuts.

Watch the rest of the hilarious skit above, which includes Jimmy trying to explain why he has Grindr on his phone, to check out how disappointing 2015 is to the time-traveling duo.


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