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Kylie Jenner and Tyga are new parents to a tri-colored Merle English Bulldog named Rolly.

According to reports, PingTank CEO Jeremy Greene gifted the couple with the $50,000 pup, which came from, an English and French Bulldog breeding company.

Rolly joins Kylie’s Italian Greyhounds, Norman and Bambi.

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Jimmy Fallon has to be the luckiest guy ever. After taking a nasty fall over the summer that almost severed his finger, the comedian made his second trip to the hospital over the weekend caused by another scary tumble.

While in Massachusetts being honored by the Harvard Lampoon, Harvard University’s humor magazine, Fallon tripped and fell over a lady while holding a bottle of Jagermeister, injuring his right hand.

A source told PEOPLE that “everything is totally fine” and “it was all part of the celebration in the street and some random girl kneeled down in front of him abruptly as he was turning around and he tripped over her because he didn’t see her.”

Fallon injured his left hand after a crazy fall back in June. But he’s all better according to his social media, writing, “Nothing that a few band aids couldn’t fix.” Indeed, Jimmy.

The Bing Speaker Series with Aziz Ansari At The Bing Bar - 2012 Park City

Aziz Ansari is an actor and comedian, but there are some things he just won’t do. While speaking about the types of things minority actors have to grapple with, he told EW“I once was asked to audition for Transformers with Michael Bay. And it was a role for a call center guy who does an accent. And I was like, ‘No, I’m not doing it. Ravi was like, ‘I’ll do it!’ And Ravi did it, and he probably made decent money being the call center guy.”

When asked about minority representation in television, Aziz believes that the diversity issue hasn’t been solved and shows like his, Mindy Kaling’s, and Empire are “long overdue.”

His new special, Master of None, debuts on Nov. 6 on Netflix.

SOURCE: Page Six, PEOPLE, EW | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram 

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