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The Internet has made Drake a meme-worthy, gif-making genius, and the “Hotline Bling” video has only upped the ante.

Helmut the Pug has been slowly but surely building up his personal brand on Facebook, and his latest video, a canine’s interpretation of Drake’s dancing in the “Hotline Bling” video, may be his big break. Young Helmut does the 6 God’s infamous dances whilst changing his outfits, which include a red puffer jacket with a Jumpman t-shirt under it for layering, a fresh cable knit turtleneck, and an OVO hoodie that no one even knew was available in dog sizes.

With 5,400 fans, Helmut’s Facebook page says he’s “Livin’ the pug life in Toronto,” and is also “Grumblin’ through the 6ix with my woes.” He’s also got some bars and some unresolved feelings for his ex. The caption on the video reads, “”You used to call me on my cell phone. Late night when you need pug love #eversinceileftthedogpark.

Helmut’s stout body doesn’t allow for Drizzy’s signature pelvic thrust, but with ample mood lighting, it’s safe to say he got the job done.

drake hotline bling

We’re sure Helmut’s hotline is blinging now.

SOURCE: Mashable | VIDEO SOURCE: Facebook

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